by Jim

Grocery Shopping (inc. Costco and Sam's)

Doctor's Appointments & Prescription Pickup

Airport Drop-Off & Pickup

Dry Cleaning Drop-Off & Pickup

Post Office, UPS & FedEx Drop-Off

Car Service Appointments


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Jim Fyock

Operating Hours & Service Area

I’m open for business Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. From 5am to 8am, 5pm to 8pm, and on weekends I may be available for an additional charge. I service all of Jefferson County, Oldham County, Jeffersonville, Clarksville, and New Albany. I will provide services outside these areas at my standard rates plus an additional fee of $.50 per mile. I live in eastern Jefferson County, so I’m in your neighborhood!

Rates and Payment

Rate for Time I charge $30 per service call, which includes the first hour. Each additional hour is $16 and will be billed in 15-minute increments. An additional $12 per hour fee will be charged for services provided outside of normal business hours. Billing time begins when I leave the office and ends when the service is completed.

Rate for Mileage The first 25 miles are free. Each additional mile driven is $.50.

Payment Methods Payments can be made by cash or personal check and will be due when services are completed. A $30 fee will be assessed for any and all returned checks.

Related Costs Any and all related costs are the customer’s responsibility and must be paid for in advance. These costs are for items such as parking fees, groceries, dry cleaning, and so forth.


I request at least twenty-four hours’ notice to schedule or cancel service. Appointments may be available on a more immediate basis; call me and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

Cancelled appointments may be subject to a $25 cancellation fee.

About Jim Fyock

I have been a business owner for over twenty-five years. I’ve always enjoyed running errands and grocery shopping (much to my wife’s pleasure), so I figured that this would be a sensible way to spend my time these days! I don’t mind getting out in the rain and snow, and I like the feeling that I am providing a service to others. I reside in eastern Jefferson County with my wife, Cathy. Feel free to call me at 502.593.1833 or email me at